Stobi Rkatsiteli 2018

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Located in central Macedonia, in the municipality of Gradsko, just nearby the beautiful ancient city of Stobi, where it gets its name and the logo from – extends, on thousands of hectares around, the new and modern Macedonian – Stobi Winery.
About 12,000 hectares are planted in the Tikvesh wine region, which represents approximately one-third of the total vineyard area in Macedonia. As the Mediterranean climate from the South collides with the Continental climate from the North, it creates an area most remarkable for grape growing and wine production on the entire Balkan Peninsula. The total annual temperature sum during the vegetation is between 5300 °C and 5500 °C, the rainfall is 500-600 litres per square meter and the maximum daily temperature during July and August is around 40°C.
The capacity of the winery is 4.5 million liters in stainless tanks, and 220 000 liters in barrel cellar.

Stobi production is based exclusively on grapes grown on their own vineyards treated by the latest technological advancements in the overall process and all the steps of production in order to ensure not only the top quality, but also to improve it for their consumers, following the motto: Nothing less than perfection.
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